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Tidbits from Apple's 10-Q

As is often the case, there were a few interesting tidbits contained in the quarterly report that Apple Computer filed on Friday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The company disclosed that it spent $712,000 in the December quarter as part of its deal to distribute Pixar short films via its iTunes Music Store. The filing did not say whether the payment was Pixar's share of the revenue from sales or if it was some other type of payment.

The transaction was noted because Jobs is chief executive of both Apple and Pixar, which is in the process of selling itself to Disney.

Meanwhile, in Apple's lengthy list of legal matters, the company noted a few new cases and updated the status of many others.

Among the more than two dozen court issues, Apple noted that another reseller, Macsolutions, has filed suit against the company, alleging breach of contract and other violations of California law. Six other resellers have previously sued Apple on similar grounds.

In addition to the well-publicized iPod hearing loss suit filed Jan. 31 in federal court in California, Apple was sued a day earlier in Louisiana federal court over the same issue.

On the patent side, Apple said it and other unnamed companies are being sued by Ho Keung Tse for violating a patent related to protection of software "against unauthorized use." Apple filed its response on Oct. 31.

Also, its dispute with the Beatles' record label, Apple Corps., is still slated for a March trial in Britain.