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This week in Crave: The imposter edition

This week, we went to Hong Kong to get an iPhone 5 early, turned a prized fresco into a picture of Batman, and charged a phone just by putting it near an Ultrabook.

Too busy trying to keep thieves out of your brain this week to stay on top of Crave? Continue not thinking about your PINs while you ponder the stories you missed.

"Ecce Homo" gets the Batman treatment from Twitter user @Darklyte510. Twitter user @Darklyte510

- Finally! Your iPad can pretend to be a MacBook.

- It's an "iPhone 5," minus just one key feature.

- Stargazers, have a gaze at this massive Mars mosaic.

- A suborbital space flight? Yeah, we'd call that a decent frequent flyer award.

- Ecce Homo: Behold the meme spawned by a botched art restoration.

- "Star Wars" in 3D coming in 2013 -- times two.

- Atari Arcade: Get your retro game on in any HTML5 Web browser.

- Future shock: Phones could get a charge out of Ultrabooks.

- Wonderful wheelchair floats through the sea.

- Here's what it might look like in the halls of Samsung someday soon.

- More iPad Mini evidence? And just how much would you be willing to pay for an iPad Mini anyway?

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