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This week in Crave: The explosive edition

This week, we visited Dead Island, laced up our Marty McFlys, and said iDo to our iPhones.

Too busy trying not to clip the wrong wire on your Defusable alarm clock this week to keep up with Crave? Here's what you missed while you were attempting to avoid an LED light explosion.

Defusable Clock
We're pretty sure it's the red wire. Or maybe the green? Michael Krumpus

• Star Trek marked a birthday, but its Google doodle didn't make it to the party.

• TiVo Premiere Elite: 2TB of storage, up to 300 hours of HD programming.

• NASA satellite is headed back to Earth (but don't get out your umbrella yet).

• Jeff Bakalar and Dan Ackerman visited Dead Island, (and made it back alive).

• Why are SSDs still so expensive?

• Finally! Real-life Marty McFlys. (And they're valuable.)

• The Blackbox Case is like the Fabio of Mac sleeves.

• This Flying robo hacker is not our kind of flying robot.

• Say iDo to your iPhone.

• Speaking of iPhones, would an unlimited data plan be enough to lure you to Sprint?

And without further ado, Donald and Eric's latest musings:

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