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This week in Crave: The bright lights, big bacteria edition

This week, we basked in the glow of microbes, used pee streams as game controllers, and tried hard not to drop a glass keyboard and mouse.

Too busy setting the mood with soft bacteria-powered lighting to keep up with Crave all week? Here's what you missed while you messing with microbes.

• Without special 3D glasses, they won't be able to see what's on your computer screen.

Let the bacteria light the way! Philips

• Our ultrabook wish list.

• How much is too much to pay for a gaming PC?

• Got what it takes for intelligence work? Crack a secret code to prove it.

• Don Draper would so love this wall clock.

• Great tech gifts for less than $100.

• Don't drop this glass keyboard and mouse.

• 2011 would be a good year for Doctor Emmett Brown's DeLorean to break down.

• Think you're a game whiz? Prove it by playing urinal games.

• Lost-gadget stories don't usually have happy endings; this one did.

• There's some twisted stuff going on at the Nokia Research Center.

• And there's always twisted stuff going on at the Crave podcast:

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Oh, and did you hear the good news? This week, Crave won an Editor & Publisher EPPY Award for best consumer technology blog with 1 million unique monthly visitors and over. Thanks, readers, for being our readers!