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This is what happens when a plane lands on only its rear wheels

The pilot of a Fokker 100, due to land in Brasilia, realizes that his front wheels are a no-go. So he goes for it anyway.

By a nose. Humor/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

No one was hurt in the making of this movie.

I wanted to make this very clear, as I don't think I would have enjoyed being on this plane.

For this is a Fokker 100 whose pilot, shortly before landing in Brasilia, realized that his front wheels would not be coming out to play.

As Reuters reports, the Avianca Airlines pilot decided this was an emergency. So he performed a few circles around Brazil's capital to shed some fuel.

Then, as the video shows, he went for it.

Whenever I post footage of pilots doing (to me) extraordinary things, other pilots comment "Pssshhh. That's nothing."

This may well, indeed, be nothing to a pilot.

But those who get on planes -- some more nervous than others -- need reassurance at every turn.

My own voice preferences are always those of British pilots. They manage to speak to the passengers like the finest surgeons. They make you believe that you're going out for a Sunday drive with the nicest man in the world.

I was also extremely grateful to the United Airlines pilot who, after our plane was struck by lightning (right next to my seat), landed the plane safely at JFK and then nonchalantly offered: "In case any of you were wondering, yes, the plane was struck by lightning. But we only sustained minor damage."

Here, what I see is a nose being held in the air for as long as possible, before being brought to the ground with a peculiar gentleness.

Yes, of course this is nothing. But it's a strangely comforting nothing.