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The Wii-port from NYC: T minus 3 hours

The hype is building, and the breathing room is shrinking.

NEW YORK--Times Square is one of those places that's always a mad scene all the time. Add in the crazy pre-holiday shopping (did I miss the memo that Black Friday came a week early this year?) and it's even more packed. Then add in the official launch party for a highly anticipated next-generation video game console, and the last few cubic inches of breathing room disappear entirely.

Caroline McCarthy/CNET Networks

But at the waiting line for Nintendo's Wii in front of Toys 'R' Us, it seems like things are pretty much under control. After all, the shortage hysteria that played the PlayStation 3's debut hasn't been as much of an issue with the Wii. The queuers are playing games of Solitaire and Risk, typing away on their PDAs, and scrambling to grab at the Wii-logo T-shirts, beanies, and baseball caps that were being handed out. They're also eager to bounce around for the cameras, shouting chants of "Wiiiiiiii!" whenever a video crew goes by.

Inevitably there are comparisons to the PS3 launch. The Wii fans readily explain that they actually want the Nintendo console, rather than just profit from it on eBay. They also claim they're more normal. We'll have to see about that one when the doors open for the launch party in a few hours.

Thiis post was refreshiingly devoiid of corny Wii references, wasn't iit?