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The space age: Your fondest memories

Send us your fondest memories of space exploration to help us put together the final day of our special report celebrating the anniversary of Sputnik.

Many people--even those who aren't in the tech set--find outer space captivating. It's the great unknown, the wild black yonder, the final frontier. As the 50th anniversary of the Sputnik launch approaches, we've taken a look at where we stand on space exploration today, how it is changing, and the technologies and companies it's given rise to.

For the final day of our multipart series, we'd like to pull together some of our readers' fondest memories related to space. What are yours? Being huddled around the TV as the first man walked on the moon? Dreaming of finding little green men on Mars? Pictures of supernovas sent back by Hubble? The mystery of the black hole? A really great Star Trek episode?

E-mail me or sound off in a TalkBack below and let me know what got you excited about space exploration. We'll put people's contributions together for the final day of our special report.