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The most beautiful water bottle ever?

The Kor Hydration Vessel looks like blown glass but is made of BPA-free plastic.

Kor Hydration Vessel

A few years ago, concerns about packaging waste and my carbon footprint prompted me to abandon single-use plastic water bottles in favor of a reusable Nalgene bottle. But then, concerns about exposure to BPA prompted me to switch to a Sigg. Still, I don't care much for drinking out of aluminum, and I don't find the Sigg designs all that appealing.

If only the Kor Hydration Vessel ($30) was around when I was looking for a replacement bottle. Inspired by the look of blown glass, the 750ml bottle is made of BPA-free plastic with an integrated handle. At the touch of a button, the tight-sealing cap swivels open and reveals a mouth that's designed to be wide enough for ice cubes but small enough to minimize splashing. In a cute flourish, the disk inside the cap is designed to hold your own affirmation or amusing picture.

As a bonus, the company has agreed to donate one percent of all sales to safe water programs around the world. Talk about style and substance.