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The Larry and Lucy mashup

I've held off on covering the personal lives of the top Googlers, but I just can't ignore photos on the Internet of Google co-founder Larry Page and his girlfriend, Lucy Southworth cuddling horizontally on a couch. The photos, ostensibly taken in an airplane on their way to a Hawaiian vacation in September, are tender and intimate. How did such personal shots of one of tech's hottest billionaire bachelors get out of the ultra-secretive Googleplex?

"Is it just me, or [does] the whole thing seems painfully staged," writes a poster to the blog named Zaza. "The body-on-body pic also shows some serious faking. Nobody in the midst of an amorous moment, would strike the pose Larry Page has done, half turned to the camera. Same for the lady, who (as somebody before pointed out) is dressed up to her chin, is lying mummy-like and has her hand cover up her partially exposed breast and is not attempting with neiter hand to embrace him. To top it off, both bear the signs of hardly contained laughter on their faces."

Someone with the screen name "Girl Who Searches" insists that the photos were not staged, but were leaked by someone who should know better. Others are just smitten with the couple: "Too much intellectualizing here. It is just great to be in love. Good for them," writes a poster named Holly. "Their children will be cute," writes Bobo.

And there are two postings from people purporting to know Lucy personally. "A Madeira grad" writes: "Lucy is actually very intelligent. While she used to model (an agency discovered her while in high school) she was too shy to pursue it. I know because I knew her a long time ago. Her best quality is her personality. She is a good listener and supportive to her friends. In high school, everybody wanted to be her best friend. Money has never interested her. It raises my opinion of Larry knowing that she likes him. He is very lucky." To which Zaza replies: "Outright pathetic. I guess next it will be discussed how on Sunday afternoons she was helping out little old ladies cross evil sk8boarders tracks."