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The dirt--and dust--on Intel

Sometimes you just have to believe.

An Austin man is selling 3-ounce bottles of purported debris from the demolition of the Intel shell in downtown Austin, Texas, according to a humorist who writes for the Austin American-Statesman.

David Weaver, a budding entrepreneur and former Dell employee who has been out of work for a year, is trying to sell the leftovers of the shell in glass vials for $20 a pop. Each bottle comes with a label: "Intel Shell Inside."

The building shell sat empty in downtown Austin for six years, taunting the city about the dot-com bust--day after day after day. Two weeks ago, the . It will be replaced by a federal courthouse.

Weaver says he drove down to the site a couple days after the implosion and scooped up 20 to 30 pounds of the leftover concrete. He says he took it home, smashed it to bits, and began bottling it.

How would any potential buyer know there is really Intel inside? If you're willing to believe, anything is possible.