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The Definitive fake surround speaker

The Definitive Technology has announced the Mythos SSA50 surround bar, which uses its nine drivers to create a faux-surround-sound effect.

Definitive is releasing a soundbar, but is it worth over a thousand bucks? Definitive Technology

One of the biggest trends in home audio is surround-sound audio from a single speaker, and that's only further emphasized when audiophile speaker companies like Definitive Technology jump on the bandwagon. Definitive Technology has announced the Mythos SSA50, a single-speaker surround-sound system that uses nine drivers to create a faux-surround sound effect--making it sound like there are rear speakers where there are none. The technology is far from new, and the Mythos SSA50 will have to compete with similar products like the Yamaha YSP-4000 and the Philips HTS-8100.

Single-speaker surround systems always seem on the verge of going mainstream, but with the Mythos SSA50's $1,100 list price, it's still too expensive for the average buyer. Those who like the single-speaker style and trust Definitive's name may be tempted, but, on the other hand, those who are familiar with the Definitive brand and willing to spend a thousand bucks on speakers usually aren't willing to settle for fake surround--none of these sound bars beat a real 5.1 system. The Definitive Technolgy Mythos SSA50 is scheduled to go on sale in February.