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The 404 333: Where we get review units of Kenley's Palm Pre

On today's 404 we chat about why it's OK for Radio Shack employees to punch their customers.

Mmmm. Magnolia cupcakes. Wilson Tang/CNET

Today we get a very pleasant--yet fattening--surprise! A special fan of The 404 sent us some amazing cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery here in Manhattan. Fortunately for you, the sugar rush was captured on tape, so now you can listen to what it sounds like when you eat dessert for breakfast.

Kenley is back on the first half of the show, and we discuss the reasons why a Radio Shack employee might want to punch a customer square in the face. We've all been in situations before where this is probably warranted, so we side with the disgruntled man in red.

Next, we chat about a story Justin posted the other day that involves a clearly delusional man who thinks he's a fictional superhero. He's already hurt himself once trying to save a woman, so we think maybe our masked friend needs a new hobby.

Everyone enjoy the weekend and make sure to call us up and leave a voice mail @ 866-404-CNET or e-mail us the404 [at] cnet [dot] com!


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