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The 404 1,297: Where we shoot the moon (podcast)

As we look forward to the upcoming Fourth of July weekend, we'd like to offer a piece of advice to our listeners: if you own a gun, don't shoot it in the air. Not just out of respect for your neighbors, but also because the police are using new technology to pinpoint the source. This and more on today's episode.

Hendrik Kobell

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Guy dressed as Darth Vader runs Death Valley in 129-degree heat.

- Grenades and #travel: the TSA wins Instagram with its feed of confiscated items.

- For the first time, you can actually own the comics you buy.

- U.S. police go high-tech to tackle Fourth of July celebratory gunfire.

- What's the verdict in this case of mobile phone etiquette?

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Episode 1,297



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