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The 404 1,123: Where a storm is coming (podcast)

What's the point of paying for auto insurance every month if your policy won't cover a hit and run with no indicted driver? We'll go trolling for the assailant that hulked out on Jeff's car over the weekend, and also debunk Bruce Willis litigation rumors, introduce McDonalds' first all-vegetarian restaurant, and find out how some of our favorite video games got their names

Jeff Bakalar gets caught in his own video game Games Only

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- McDonalds to open first vegetarian restaurant.

- Hoax alert: Bruce Willis fights for the right to bequeath his iTunes library.

- How classic games got their names (hat tip to Corey).

- Is this new Prince Harry game using Jeff's likeness?

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Episode 1,123


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