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Telstra's new roaming data isn't really cheaper, but it is simpler

The telco has moved away from its old international data packages to a single daily charge.


Remember Telstra's old international roaming scheme? Half a dozen packages, broken down into zones, different data limits and time limits on packages.

Telstra's new scheme is pretty simple in comparison. If you're an existing Telstra customer, spend AU$5 per day for data in New Zealand, spend AU$10 for data in every other participating country. See that list here. For that, you get 100MB per day. That limit expires, and there's no rollover. You'll also be able to buy a AU$25 1GB top up, which lasts 31 days and will kick in if you hit that 100MB daily limit. Which, if you're travelling, is pretty likely.

It's a similar setup to Vodafone's roaming plan, where for a fiver you can use your plan's regular data allowances in 55 countries. It might be unfair to contrast Telstra's new plan with one of the best international data offerings available to Aussies, but I'll do it anyway.

Telstra's previous international data pricing.

Screenshot by Luke Lancaster/CNET

It feels like a big step up from Telstra's previous plan, which saw data in most popular tourist destinations costing between AU$30 for 225MB over 3 days, up to AU$300 for 2.2GB over 30 days. Under the new scheme, prices are exactly the same (though you can pay in one-day blocks) and data allowances are fractionally better.

Overseas roaming is something of a pain point for Aussies (on top of regular data limit woes). Check out this guide for our tips on staying connected abroad.

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