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Telstra’s new plan hunts iPhone 8 and Samsung Note 8 buyers

In the lead up to Apple and Samsung’s big new September releases, Telstra entices mobile users with a free 12 month subscription to Foxtel Now.


Telstra offers 12 month Foxtel Now for free to compete with other telcos in the lead up to the new iPhone and Note 8 releases. 


Apple and Samsung are both about to release shiny new phones, and Telstra wants to seize the opportunity.

The telco has partnered with Foxtel to bring the entertainment giant's Foxtel Now online streaming service to its mobile customers. That's good news for anyone who's been guzzling data by watching "Game of Thrones" on their commute.

You'll get the free subscription with any Telstra plan that costs AU$99 or more a month, though you'll have to sign up before Dec. 25.

The data is generous -- 20GB a month --  but the 12 month subscription only gives you access to up to three Foxtel Now Starter Packs, including Pop, Drama, Docos, Kids and Lifestyle. "Game of Thrones" comes in the Pop Pack, so that's one choice made easy.

It's one of many enticing options for those looking for a new plan. Premier League fans might consider Optus and its Sport app, or more appealingly its Basic Free access to livestreams and on-demand match replays (snag that here). Then consider Vodafone, which in August killed off lock-in contracts for Red Plans, which now give the option of buying your phone outright or paying it off interest free.