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Telstra's national outage leads to crossed wires

The telco has put all text messages on hold after damage to a network exchange resulted in and outage and misdelivery of messages.


Telstra has suffered from its eighth outage in the past 12 months following a fire at an exchange in Sydney's Chatswood.

The fire damaged some power infrastructure, resulting in widespread outages. SBS is also reporting that the outage resulted in nine Jetstar flights being delayed due to check-in disruptions. While that in and of itself is concerning, a larger issue is that the outage which affected customers across Australia was caused by damage to a single Sydney-based exchange.

Telstra confirmed the outage in a statement:

"A fire at the Chatswood Exchange in Sydney this afternoon has been contained, but damage has been caused to some power infrastructure. As a result a number customers are experiencing loss of service. Our technicians are currently completing a full assessment of the impact. We will provide more information as soon as it is available."

The telco also confirmed on twitter that the outage may have caused the misdelivery of some text messages and future messages would be put on hold.

Other twitter pundits were more eager to confirm the fault.

Voice services have been restored as of the time of writing, but text messaging remains unavailable.

In August of last year, Virgin was afflicted with similar woes, when an error in its network meant customers could access strangers' voicemails. While the Virgin issue failed to raise the public's hackles -- possibly due to the overwhelming apathy about voicemail -- a text messaging problem at Telstra might be taken a little more seriously.

A Telstra spokesperson confirmed the statements made by the company's Twitter account.

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