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Telstra marches to its own beat, keeps MOG alive...for now

Despite a move in the US that sees the MOG streaming service absorbed into Beats Music, local provider Telstra has announced it will keep MOG alive in Australia "at this stage".

Despite a global shift to Beats Music, MOG will continue as a standalone service in Australia. Beats Music

Following Apple's acquisition of Beats (owner of the MOG brand in the US), Beats announced that MOG had "streamed it's [sic] last song" and the streaming service would be retired on 31 May.

The move comes less than a decade after MOG was founded by ex-MTV executive David Hyman, and just two years after Beats acquired the service for US$14 million. MOG's US website is now displaying a message announcing that "MOG is now Beats Music" and that existing customers can get a free 60-day subscription to try out the new service.

Despite the shift stateside, however, Telstra is standing by the MOG service in Australia. The telco introduced the service in June 2012, the first region outside the United States to do so, and has been offering "MOG powered by Telstra" subscriptions ever since.

Telstra issued a short statement on the fate of the service, reprinted here in full:

"The MOG service in Australia will continue to run as normal at this stage. Of course we will let our customers know more information when we know more."

The decision to maintain MOG locally follows similar moves from Samsung Australia, which recently announced that it would continue to offer its Music Hub streaming service in Australia, despite a global shutdown of the Music Hub brand.