Technote on Mac OS 7.6.1

Technote on Mac OS 7.6.1


Apple has released Technote 1096 on the Mac OS 7.6.1 Update (the Update is still expected next week). Mac OS 7.6.1 is exclusively a bug-fix and compatibility update. As stated in the Technote: "This update is not intended to deliver any new features, nor does it deliver updates to technologies already available through download sites on the Internet and online services."

The biggest change, as previously promised, is the elimination of almost all Type 11 errors. "Now most of these errors will instead 'unexpectedly quit' the foreground application."

The Technote also makes mention of a compatibility problem with Mac OS 7.6.1 and Speed Doubler 2. This refers to the problem already addressed by the current 2.0.1 version of Speed Doubler (see Connectix web page).

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