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Tap a keg and chill beverages at the same time

A nice cool drink is just what you need on a hot summer day and the Frigidaire Beverage Center can hold a wide variety of drinks--including a keg on tap.

It's summer time, and with the heat comes barbecues, pool parties, and last-minute trips to the store for ice. After all, there just isn't a way to get all those sodas in the fridge, let alone the keg you picked up. You better double check that you have the tap, just in case.

The Beverage Center Frigidaire

There is another option, though: the Frigidaire Beverage Center. In addition to having a built-in pressurized tap system, this baby can handle food or other drinks when you don't have a keg on hand. Additionally, there are wire shelves and door racks that can hold 2-liter soda bottles, wine bottles, and cans.

The beverage center has a capacity of 12.75 cubic feet--more than enough room for a half-barrel keg. It also comes with an empty CO2 tank and all the necessary bits and pieces of a pressurized tap system, like a regulator, hoses, and a faucet.

The suggested price is $899--definitely steeper than a cooler and a couple of bags of ice. But if you've been thinking about getting a second fridge anyhow--buying food in bulk or putting a mini fridge in the bar area--why not choose a fridge with a built in tap?