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SystemWorks install fails due to font conflict

SystemWorks install fails due to font conflict

MacFixIt reader Reuben Wechsler reports an issue attempting to install Norton SystemWorks under Mac OS X 10.3.x, and the Apple-provided solution involving removing fonts:

"When i attempted to install the OS X version of SystemWorks 3, the installer would unexpectedly quit, and kernel protection failure was cause. At first, I got an e-mail response from Symantec that they were aware of the issue, [but had] no suggested fix. When I responded that I had 'upgraded' to a product that didn't work and asked for a refund, they then responded with a suggestion to uninstall my old version of SystemWorks and included an uninstaller in the e-mail. Didn't help. Only by speaking to Apple Tech Support was I able to solve the problem."

The solution Apple provided to Reuben is as follows:

  1. Launch Font Book (located in /Applications).
  2. Move the cursor over each "Times"-related font until the yellow "tool tip" box appears, providing information about each font. Look at the information for the "Path" to the font.
  3. Disable any font whose path ends in "RO" (in Reuben's case, Times Regular).
  4. Close Font Book.

After performing this procedure, Reuben was able to install SystemWorks.

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