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Swarovski tarts up a new HDTV

LG's Canvas Crystal X is the latest to get the crystal treatment.

Register Hardware

We've already seen the Crystallized Loewe Individual and the ultra-bling Philips Diamond TV, and now it's LG's turn to join forces with the Swarovski empire with its Canvas Crystal X HDTV. A pretty clever one, too, which weds last year's Design Art-series chassis with 1,000 of the glittery crystals. It would have been even better if the company had extended this special treatment to its Scarlet lineup, though we have had equal reservations on the level of unnecessary extravagance.

Whatever it is, this 47-incher is already out in South Korea and costs a dear $3,194 each, according to Register Hardware, not to mention shipping and the issue of power supply variation between countries. We doubt it will be launched outside that market anytime soon, but if you are bent on importing one, remember to hard-sell the panel's juicy full-HD resolution and ultra-high 50,000:1 dynamic contrast to your significant other.

(Source: Crave Asia)