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Surface Pro hitting US end of January, but still no UK date

Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet is due to land in America at the end of the month, but there's no firm date on a UK release.

Microsoft's Surface Pro Windows 8 tablet is set to hit shops in the US on 26 January, according to retailers. It's supposed to be turning up this side of the pond later this month too, but Microsoft is keeping schtum about concrete dates or indeed UK prices.

Speaking to Microsoft store salespeople, our Stateside colleagues gleaned that the Pro is pegged to arrive in late January. Microsoft originally stated that the Pro would arrive three months after its little brother -- Surface with Windows RT -- which pitched up in October, so that ties in neatly.

Given we're already in January and haven't heard a word, however, we were beginning to think its launch might be pushed back.

One US salesman even went so far as to say they're expecting it to go on sale on 26 January. I caught up with Microsoft and was informed there's no official date for a UK launch. Its spokesperson did say there's no delay, however, and the release is still in line with the original "three months" statement.

Pricing is also up in the air. In the US, the Surface Pro is expected to sell from $899 (£560) for the 64GB version or $999 (£622) for the 128GB model. Prices can often vary wildly once they cross the pond though -- add 20 per cent for VAT, for a start -- so I would take those with an artery-busting pinch of salt.

The Surface Pro is the version of Microsoft's new slate that runs the proper desktop version of Windows 8, rather than the cut-down, tablet-specific Windows RT. The Pro runs on powerful laptop processors, rather than weedier, less power-sucking mobile chips, so I'm looking forward to seeing exactly how much more burly it is than its sibling I reviewed late last year.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled over the coming days and weeks for any news on Surface Pro release dates and pricing.

Are you excited for the Pro version? Is it the Windows 8 slate you've been waiting for? Record your thoughts in the comments below and over on our pro Facebook page.