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SuperTooth readies two budget portable Bluetooth speakers for CES

SuperTooth is set to announce two new Bluetooth audio devices at CES next week: the $199 Disco Twin, a pair of rechargeable speakers that serves up stereo sound, and an $89 car kit called the HD-Voice that adds hands-free calls to any automobile.

Teaser photo to be updated with on-site pictures soon. Supertooth

I gave high marks to the original SuperTooth Disco bookshelf speaker when it dropped into stores last year, but I took issue with its inability to travel and of course, the lack of true stereo sound.

This year, the company will take to CES again to announce a portable listening solution called the Disco Twin that includes two separate speakers, giving you option to perch them wherever you like.

Wireless Bluetooth channels stream music to each device powered by 16 watts of audio juice, and the company's legacy "bass reflex system" in the back keeps the low frequencies nice and smooth.

SuperTooth rates the battery life at 3-4 hours if you're playing music nonstop at the highest maximum volume, but who does that? Realistically, you'll probably get about 10 hours of music at "normal volumes."

SuperTooth will also use the show floor to show off the HD-Voice, a new speakerphone for cars that that clips to the sun visor and lets you make hands-free calls using the same Bluetooth wireless streaming technology.

Of course, the device cares the most about keeping your hands free to operate the vehicle, so the speakerphone can also dictate text messages, announce incoming callers in 12 languages, and read the battery level and connection status aloud.

The Disco Twin will sell for $199 for both speakers in one box, and the HD-Voice will sell for $89 following the announcement at the show.