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Superlatives for Microsoft Max

Something new and cool, coming from Microsoft?

Microsoft Max

That's the early word from bloggers, who are buzzing about the latest beta release of Microsoft Max. The company released the photo-sharing and aggregation tool a year ago.

Microsoft Max was created in part to show off a next-generation presentation and communications engine in Microsoft's software. And it has apparently done a great job of that, according to bloggers.

Blog community response:

"Shows what you can do if you have a new framework underneath you. Yeah, there are some problems (I'm trying to figure out how to import and export an OPML file, for instance), but, boy is this thing beautiful."

"All of this spells opportunities for you to build great stuff. Applications, in my humble opinion, are not dead and there has never been a better time to build some great stuff."
--The Post Money Value

"If these tools are bundled in with Vista, and we assume they will be, PC-based desktop aggregators like those offered by Newsgator are going to be in a very tough position competitively."