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Stratus iPhone game controller also works with the iPad

The upcoming $100 wireless controller uses Bluetooth to pair with any iOS 7 device.

The new Stratus game controller uses Bluetooth to support at iOS 7 device.
The new Stratus game controller uses Bluetooth to support an iOS 7 device. SteelSeries

iOS 7 users will be able to use a new wireless game controller to play games on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Now up for preorder from SteelSeries, the Stratus Wireless Gaming Controller is designed specifically for iOS 7 devices and offers a layout with controls similar to those found on other iPhone game controllers.

A pressure-sensitive directional pad and four action buttons grace the surface, while four shoulder buttons appear on the edges. Dual analog joysticks, a button to connect to your iOS device via Bluetooth, and an on/off switch round out the package. The Stratus controller charges through the included USB cable and lasts around 10 hours on a single charge, according to the company.

As many as four Stratus controllers can connect to an iOS device at one time, providing multiplayer gaming. The main question here: how many iOS games support the controller let alone allow up to four people to play at once?

A spokesman for SteelSeries told CNET that the following titles, among others, take advantage of the Stratus controller: Grand Thef Auto: San Andreas, Bastion, Call of Duty: Strike Force, Limbo, Dead Trigger 2, Respawnables, Dungeon Hunter 4, Touch Tanks 5, Minigore 2, and Nucleus.

Other compatible games are likely to be added in the coming months, according to the company. iPhone game controllers from Logitech and Moga face a similar challenge as developers tweak their games to support the new controllers.

Selling for $100, the Stratus controller is available for preorders from the company's Web site starting Monday.

Update, 1:36 p.m. PT: Adds games that support the Stratus Wireless Gaming Controller.