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Still more on PowerBook G4 15" (FireWire 800) "white spots"

Still more on PowerBook G4 15" (FireWire 800) "white spots"

In today's installment of PowerBook G4 15" (FireWire 800) screen spot reports, we hear from one user who is on his third unit, but has been receiving excellent help from Apple's customer service department. Michael Duskus writes:

"Just thought to let you know that I am on my third PowerBook G4 15" (FireWire 800) as of today. Yes, unfortunately the first two had the white spots. I'm not holding my breath that this one as well won't develop them either. However, I do feel much more confident these days with Apple's customer service in terms of dealing with this issue. Since I bought my unit through my campus bookstore as an 'education' purchase, I was given the option both times to simply bring the unit back to my school for an immediate replacement with a DOA on my problem unit. [...] At least in my case, Apple has been fair and open to helping me and to right the situation. It really is too bad that this problem has to exist, yet it is precisely why Apple is afforded the advantages in leading the field in both design and computer technology as their willing to get it right."

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