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Steam Quick removes baking messes

Cleaning out an oven can be a nightmare with the baked-on gunk that seems to be a fact of life. But one of Samsung's ranges has just the technology to loosen that gunk and get it gone.

It seems as if every oven has some sort of caked-on mess--the buildup from spilled roasts and exploding baking attempts. The typical self-cleaning cycle doesn't do much to remove that gunk either. But who wants to stick their head in the oven and literally chip off that baked-on mess? I know I'm reluctant to go to such measures to clean an oven.

The Samsung Range Samsung

Samsung offers the FTQ386LWX range--say that 10 times fast!--with its Steam Quick feature. Rather than forcing you to break out the elbow grease, ovens with Steam Quick run a light cleaning cycle, meant to moisten up those hardened-on leftovers, making them easy to remove. And at $1,300, the price tag for the FTQ386LWX range is reasonable.

The FTQ386LWX has some other great features, as well. The oven actually has three fans in the convection system (most convection ovens have only one fan). The extra air movement can make for more even cooking. The oven is also huge--at 5.7 cubic feet, I can fit in my big roasting pan and a casserole at the same time. I'm already planning ahead for the big family get-together on Thanksgiving. With this much room, cooking in shifts can be a thing of the past.