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Star Wars in 2028? Hilarious Twitter hashtag looks ahead

The new Twitter hashtag #StarWarsMoviesIn2028 has people wondering what the sci-fi franchise might look like in a decade. Will Luke get a hip replacement?

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Star Wars hit Earth with A New Hope just over 40 years ago, and the franchise is still going strong with the latest sequels The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. But Twitter is starting to wonder just how long the Force can continue to strike back. (Yeah, you try writing a Star Wars story without bad puns.)

The hashtag #StarWarsMoviesIn2028 started trending on Twitter Thursday, with the tweeting masses imagining how the franchise might look 10 years from now. Obviously, there are plenty of jokes about  characters being older then, but you might be surprised at just how creative people are getting.

I'll start with the old jokes, because they're pretty great:

But some people imagined how Star Wars movies might go completely off the rails by then: