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Sprint VP on machines talking to machines (podcast)

Sprint Vice President Wayne Ward tells Larry Magid about his company's efforts to use its cellular data networks to let machines exchange data with other machines.

Sprint working on signage that sees who is looking Larry Magid

A 2G cellular radio small enough to fit into a wearable device Larry Magid

Sprint invited media to visit its "M2M Collaboration Center" in Burlingame, Calif., to show off how the company's network is being used to enable machines to talk with other machines.

Among the applications for M2M are ATMs that can be put anywhere there's an electrical outlet (or solar energy source) and bathroom scales that use the network to transmit your weight to a loved one or health practitioner. There are a lot of M2M applications for security ranging from 4G-connected cameras to alarm systems connected to Sprint's older and slower 2G network. One innovative though possibly creepy application is a retail sign with a camera that photographs the people looking at the sign and sends live video back to a server that tries to figure out their gender and approximate age.

To find out more about M2M, Larry spoke with Wayne Ward, Vice President of Sprint's Emerging Solutions Group.


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