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Sporty iPod cases show some sole

For many people, the iPod is as much a part of their workout as their trusty gym shoes. Now the iPod can resemble those gym shoes.

The latest iPod cases from Speck Products pay clear but seemingly trademark-infringement-free homage to Converse's popular Chuck Taylor sneakers. The Canvas-Sport cases use a rubber sole to protect the iPod from the rough and tumble of life.

Rubber iPod case

Given the morass of iPod cases that abound these days, it takes a lot to get us excited about a new arrival. That said, the package that arrived Tuesday from Speck caught our eye. The cases come in white, black and pink and there are models for both Nano and video iPods for $35. Versions for the Motorola Slvr, Motorola Q and Treo 700 are due out later this month and sell for $30.

One thing to beware of: The new cases do appear vulnerable to one of the same pitfalls that has befallen our favorite Cons. They seemed to have scuffed almost immediately after we got them. Oh well, we'll just have to get another pair.