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Speed bump for Segway in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has become the latest country to ban the Segway on public roads, bike paths and public walkways, the Associated Press reported.

Speed bump for Segway

Dutch police have barred the scooters, saying that since the Royal Traffic Agency hasn't approved the vehicles, they can't be issued license plates. Current law requires motorized vehicles to have a brake, and Segway riders brake by leaning backward.

Officials said it was a bureaucratic boo-boo that would likely be resolved at some point, but until then, the roads are off-limits for Dutch Segway riders.

Blog community response:

"I am not saying anything bad about our many friends in the Netherlands but...with all those 'special' coffee shops around Amsterdam, maybe banning Segway riding in the streets isn't such a bad idea." --Hardocp

"And for Segway itself, which has been hoping to resuscitate its fortunes and perhaps even go public, the event is just another reminder about how little success and impact the company has had."

"In a country where a lot of things are allowed, this has to be one of the oddest decisions. The Netherlands and especially Amsterdam is made for such a transportation device. Considering how many times I was nearly killed there by bicycles with brakes, I would far prefer to have seen Segways rather than something I rarely saw coming at me and even more rarely did they attempt to slow down."
--Truck and Barter