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Mobile Accessories

Speck tweaking existing iPad 2 cases to fit new iPad

Speck says it's working diligently to get updated versions of its cases out as the new iPad arrives in consumers' hands on March 16.

Specks cases for the new iPad will barely change from its existing iPad 2 versions, but some new colors are being added. Speck Products

Speck already has a solid lineup of iPad 2 cases, so it's no shocker that it's simply making some tiny tweaks to that line to make the cases fit the new iPad.

The company is hustling to get out new versions of the PixelSkin HD Wrap, MagFolio, and WanderFolio. Some new colors are on tap, including Grape and Pomodoro for the PixelSkin HD, Mulberry for the MagFolio, and Black Peacock for the WanderFolio.

Prices range from $49.95 to $69.95.