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Sony wireless HDMI system looks good, but less stable than Gefen

CNET editors pit the two wireless HDMI systems, Sony and Gefen, against one another, and while the Sony's video quality is a bit better, its transmission reliability is quite a bit worse.

The transmitter and receiver of Sony's wireless HDMI system are both conspicuously antenna-free. CNET

After years of fits and starts, the first wireless HDMI systems have finally hit the market. Sony's DMX-WL1 is one of two such systems, along with the Gefen EXT-WHDMI, and after comparing them directly, we're giving the Gefen the higher score.

It comes down to the reliability of the transmissions. Both systems deliver great-looking video, and, in fact, the Gefen, with its minor problems with false contouring, looks slightly worse than the Sony. But we stress "slightly," and the occasional breakup and dropped signals we experienced with the Sony, compared with the rock-solid Gefen, were enough to seal the deal.

The Bravia Wireless HDMI Link still gets a lot of things right. First off, it actually works with all HDMI-equipped gear--not just Bravia TVs. Second, it implements an IR blaster system and a remote control to let you command your components, whether they are across the room or stashed in a tasteful cabinet, with relative ease.

Check out the full review for all the details, and this comparison for a look at more options for ditching your HDMI cables.

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