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Sony Tablet P rooted

The software that hacks the Sony Tablet S also roots the Tablet P. Now its game on to create awesome homebrew software for the dual-screen Android tablet.

Will a root enhance consumer attraction toward the Sony Tablet P? Josh Miller/CNET

Unleash the hacks! Details on a working procedure for root the dual-screen Sony Tablet P came out yesterday.

A forum post on Pocketables describes how to root the Tablet P, which would take a few minutes at best for those fluent with technical instructions (seriously, its uber easy). Those desiring full control over Android 3.2 on the Tablet P merely need to download a few files: ADB Installer and Sony Tablet Root Program.

After running the ADB Installer first, one must enable USB debugging in the settings. Then the tablet is ready for rooting by running the command-line root program. Coincidentally, the hack relies on the same software used to root the Sony Tablet S.

So what's the hubbub about rooting Android? "There are many reasons that people root their Android devices. But the main one is to have more freedom and control over what the phones can do," says CNET's Marguerite Reardon. Read more advice about rooting an Android device in her "Ask Maggie" column.