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Sony: Skype coming to PSP this month

Skype's VOIP service will soon be officially supported on the PSP.

Skype logo
Skype is coming to the PSP later this month. Skype

The rumors were true: Skype is coming to the PSP. The leading voice-over-IP phone service will be made available to PSP users worldwide in a free firmware update scheduled for later this month. The catch? The service will only work on the new Slim PSP model, not the original bulkier "PSP 1000" (which, as of fall 2007, is no longer produced). The press release lists the other obvious caveats: you'll need to have access to Wi-Fi; have a Skype account (it's free, with paid upgrades for calling to and from non-Skype numbers); and a Skype-compatible "audio input device" (a headset).

(via Engadget)