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Sony shrinks the 4K Blu-ray player

Sony's UBD-X700 4K Blu-ray player is a cut down version of its premium players and now features Dolby Vision compatibility.



Ultra HD 4k Blu-ray has been around for almost two years now, and as is customary with maturing technologies, the size of the devices drop alongside the price. 

Sony has long been the master of miniaturization, and it's applied its shrink-ray technology to the UBD-X700, its latest 4K Blu-ray player.

The X700's biggest claim to fame? It now supports Dolby Vision in addition to HDR 10 so you won't miss out on high dynamic range effects in your BD media. The player also supports 4K streaming from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube, though we have reached out to Sony to check which HDR streaming formats it can do.  

While Sony's previous 4K players had a premium feel, the X700 instead looks like the no-nonsense HD players of recent years. The X700 is a black box without a display -- just a play and eject button.

The player will be available in January 2018 but Sony has yet to reveal pricing for the X700. Given the X800 was recently on sale for $150, we can't imagine it will be much more than that.

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