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Sony gives brief look at the PlayStation 4 experience

This over-the-top video will certainly inspire some eye rolls, but still serves up some valuable footage that shows how gamers may interact on the PS4.

What do you think about the design of the PlayStation 4 interface? Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

Despite the bountiful PlayStation 4 chatter and coverage, some people still don't have an idea what it's like to actually use the highly anticipated gaming device. A new video produced by Sony gives a feel for the console by showing several actors playing games, sharing gameplay footage, and setting up downloads remotely.

While the presentation comes off a bit cheesy (I mean, really, do people ever act like this in real life?), several interesting observations can be gleaned from the footage.

Right off the bat, you get a sense of the PlayStation 4 software menu structure, how you can like content, and how gamers can speak to one another regardless of what game they're playing (referred to as cross-game chat). The bromance expressed in the video might make you groan, though.

The video demonstrates how easily people can capture gameplay video and share that content with friends -- often demonstrated as a way to show a fellow gamer how to defeat a difficult encounter. With the ability to watch those same videos and remotely set up purchases, smartphone users (compatibility's unknown at this time) can get in on the action as well. (Little known fact: the Sony Entertainment Network store Web site lets you set up remote game and content downloads for the PlayStation 3 and Vita.)

Did any PS4 feature seen in the video resonate with you? One that jumped out to me was the option to separately download the multiplayer portion of a game (as opposed to a full game install) so you can join a friend as quickly as possible.