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Sony Ericsson announces the W760i, Z555i and W350i

Sony Ericsson started CES with a bang, announcing the W760i, Z555i and W350i before the event has properly started

Sony Ericsson fired up this year's CES mobile announcements with a trio of phones designed to wow the crowds. It's been an interesting year for the Japanese/Swedish company and in recent times we've seen it launch some great phones, such as the W910i, and some almost great phones, such as the K850i, but overall Sony Ericsson has kept its head well above the water.

First to grace the Las Vegas showrooms was the Sony Ericsson W760i, a Walkman slider phone with a little more than a music player on offer.

Underneath a rather humble casing lies HSDPA (3.5G) and GPS with Wayfinder Navigator 1 software and Google Maps. Add to that a 3.2-megapixel camera and you have yourself a very promising Walkman phone that we're keen to get our hands on. Click through for more new Sony Ericssons.

Update: Read our full Sony Ericsson W350i review and our full Sony Ericsson W760i review.

Next in the lineup is the Z555i, a fashion phone that according to the press release is designed to "reflect your look and attract attention". We're not sure about this one -- it seems to only offer a glossy front section with a hidden display and falls short in the camera and connectivity areas. Hopefully it won't be too expensive and could make a stylish pay as you go offering, but we'll have to wait and see.

Finally, we're presented with the very thin W350i Walkman phone with added flip and dedicated music keys. Now we like that it's thin, but we're not sold on the retro flip and the lack of 3G confuses us, particularly when you bear in mind that the equally thin W880i managed to squash it in without any problems. Again, we're hoping the lack of features will bring the price down. - Andrew Lim