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Sony boombox mistaken for magic toadstool

Sony's ZS-E5 boombox is unveiled at the 2009 Sony Line show in Las Vegas.

photo of Sony ZS-E5 boombox
The Sony ZS-E5 boombox is adorable (and cheap).

The ZS-E5 boombox unveiled for Sony's 2009 line show is a bit of an oddity. Instead of slapping on an iPod dock like most of today's portable speaker systems, this little toadstool-esque music box keeps things simple with a CD player, aux input, and AM/FM radio. The CD player works with CD-R/RW discs and includes an LED track number display and large buttons.

Sure, the features are basic, the design is a little cartoonish, and the handle is a little small (for grown-ups, at least), but the $40 price is right on target. The ZS-E5 boombox will be available this April in four colors: red, blue, pink, and aqua.

Smoking caterpillar sold separately.