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Sony announces PlayStation Portable add-ons

Sony announced Wednesday that it will ship new PlayStation Portable add-ons in October. The add-ons will support voice over Internet Protocol, RSS feeds and Flash games in addition to the existing PSP features.

The new PSP-300 VoIP add-on and PSP-290 GPS receiver will also be available in October. Pricing for the new unit and add-on was not announced.

The PSP will still be compatible with existing game titles, movies and music. Currently, more than 107 games and over 347 feature films, TV programs and videos are available.

In a related trend, Sony and its movie partners will be shipping DVD-UMD (or Universal Media Disc, a small, Sony-made DVD format) combo packs. UMD sales have been lagging because consumers don't want to buy a lower-resolution video for their PSP and then have to buy another version for their DVD player.

Correction: A previous version of this blog incorrectly described new add-ons for the PlayStation Portable.