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Something for everybody with Weber Summit Grill

The Weber Summit S-470 Gas Grill brings versatility and power to outdoor cookouts.

All the grill you need. Williams-Sonoma

Everybody loves a backyard barbecue get-together. Having fun with friends and family only gets better when a grill is involved, Besides the enjoyment of spending time with the people you care about, a backyard barbecue offers the rare opportunity for everybody to eat exactly what they want. If somebody wants chicken, they simply throw it on the grill. The same goes for those who want burgers, steaks, or veggie burgers. No other form of social food gathering offers quite the individuality that cooking with a grill can provide.

Weber takes things one step further by offering the versatile Summit S-470 Gas Grill. In addition to the four primary burners, a flush-mounted side burner is included. The ability to simmer a sauce on a dedicated burner may be appealing, but the grill offers such extras as a rotisserie unit, a sear burner (for open-lid cooking), and a smoker burner with box. The 468-square-inch grilling surface is rated at 48,800 BTU, allowing for plenty of room for everybody to cook up just what they want.

The range of cooking styles is complemented with some nice features. Illuminated knobs and an automated grill light guide your way if your grill session extends past dusk. Other amenities include a built-in thermometer, six tool holders, and a fuel gauge. Constructed of durable stainless-steel and cast-aluminum, the grill is sure to keep the party going (and the guests fed with whatever they want) for years to come.