Social gift-card service Wrapp launches in Australia

The Swedish service has launched its free gift-card service for Australian Facebook users.


Social gift-card service Wrapp has launched in Australia, letting Facebook users give free or paid gift cards to friends for any reason they like.

Wrapp suggests Facebook friends who have gift-worthy things happening.(Screenshot by CNET)

The basic idea of Wrapp is simple: sign up through Facebook, and you gain access to free gift cards that you can give to your friends. If you're ever given a gift card through Wrapp, it is added to a digital wallet. Depending on the retailer, cards can be used online or at the register in physical stores via the Wrapp app available on Android and iPhone.

When you find a friend you want to give a gift to, you will be offered a range of partners that offer gift cards up to a certain dollar value. At launch, Wrapp in Australia has around a dozen retailers offering gift cards from AU$5 to AU$20. You can also add to the value of cards from some retailers, turning it into a more substantial gift. Other friends can also add to the one gift card to really build something up as a group gift.

Retailers are able to target by demographic, so you might see certain friends being offered options from different companies.

The service is already available in the UK, the US, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and its home country, Sweden. This means that you can not only give gifts to friends in Australia, but also to friends who live in any of those countries, too. A quick look at the offers available to friends overseas shows that should people embrace the concept here, some quite valuable offers could eventually appear in Australia.

The success of such a service will ultimately come down to partnerships and offers that make the gift cards feel truly worth giving, particularly where a retailer seems to be a good choice for a group gift.

Users can be pretty cynical these days, but there does seem to be some nice value if you know people who fit the bill for some of the partners. At launch, we've seen Roses Only (along with related sites Fruit Only and Hampers Only), Booktopia, BrandsExclusive, Industrie, Mossimo, Lorna Jane, La Senza and The Mens Shop.

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