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Skittles-sorting machine separates the rainbow

Save yourself the time and effort of hand-sorting your Skittles into color piles. There's a machine that will do the hard work for you.

Skittles Sorting Machine
Keep your Skittles organized. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Van Halen's tour contract once famously included a clause that a bowl of M&Ms was to be provided backstage with all the brown ones removed. Such a feat would be a lot easier to achieve today using a device like the Skittles Sorting Machine.

The Skittles Sorting Machine does exactly what it sounds like. Pour Skittles into a funnel at the top and wait as the machine patiently evaluates each one and delivers it into a bowl with like colors. Once done, you can taste the individual colors of the rainbow.

The machine is even more impressive when you learn maker Brian Egenriether fabricated many of the parts from epoxy, pulled the funnel from a hummingbird feeder, and poached additional parts from a telescope.

This machine would be great for A-type personalities who need everything to be in order. It would also be great for people like me, who hate purple Skittles. Yuck, purple grape Skittles.

Egenriether uploaded the evidence of his mad scientist machine back in March, but it is just now coming to the Internet's full attention. No doubt Halloween and the ensuing piles of Skittles generated by the holiday have something to do with that. Check out the machine in action and get a peek inside to see how it works.

(Via Zagg)