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Six Apart's handy Blog It service hits the iPhone

Blog It service, which lets people write and cross-post blog entries and status updates to several services at once, hits the iPhone.

This morning, Six Apart unveiled its newest iPhonecreation, a very svelte-looking port of Blog It, which the company introduced back in April. The simple tool lets you write and cross-blog a post or status update to several services at once. The company is hoping people will use it as a home base to manage all their updates. It's also a somewhat early look at some of the features users will be getting in the upcoming native blogging application announced on Monday.

The tool started out as a Facebook app and has since pulled in about 10,000 users. According to Six Apart's Open Platforms technical lead, David Recordon, the top user request was to get the service onto other platforms, and the iPhoneis just the first. Another was to get a WYSIWYG editor built in so people won't have to deal with inserting all sorts of HTML gobbledy goop while typing out a quick post on the road. That was added just a month later.

The app uses the same open standards architecture as the Facebook app, meaning you can log in quickly with your OpenID or from any of the blogging platforms. The only legwork that must be done is setting up all your accounts one by one. If you don't feel like numbing your fingers on the iPhone version, you can add these same accounts in the Facebook version of Blog It--the two share the same login information.