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Site briefly let people bet on expected iPad 3 features

A site that's since been taken down allowed people to bet on features they thought would make it into Apple's next tablet.

Sky Bet's list of bets for rumored features coming to the iPad 3.
Sky Bet's list of bets for rumored features coming to the iPad 3. 9to5Mac

You may be familiar with Apple keynote bingo, but have you ever heard of Apple keynote gambling?

Correctly guessing whether Apple's next iPad will have a snazzier display, or even be called the iPad 3 could have resulted in a cash prize as part of a now-defunct contest.

Sky Bet, the U.K.-based sports betting group, today briefly offered a way to place wagers on features that may or may not come to Apple's next tablet. That tablet is largely expected to be unveiled at the company's press event on March 7.

The betting page, which was picked up by 9to5Mac earlier today while it was still up, let people place monetary bets on what features might make it into this year's model.

Items like storage, wireless networking, and ports were among those in the "yes" and "no" categories. Each of those options came with a set of odds, with the largest payout (12 to 1) coming from a bet that the device would feature an SD card slot.

"Within a half an hour of the markets opening we took a flood of money including a string of very chunky, three-figure bets," said Sky Bet spokeswoman Helen Jacob, who noted that betting was suspended after "an immediate run of money."

"If the money is correct, then the new hardware will definitely not have a new carbon fiber casing, will not be called the iPad 2S, and will have 128GB of storage!" Jacob added.

Sky Bet, which is a subsidiary of British Sky Broadcasting Group, focuses mainly on sports events, however it also offers betting on the outcomes of reality TV shows and political events.

Updated at 7:05 a.m. PT on March 1 with comment from Sky Bet.

Note: I'm not saying you should gamble. I just thought it was notable to see tech earning a spot next to horse racing.