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Sim2 debuts world's first LED-lit 3D DLP projector

If you've got an extra $32,000 laying around, you can get the first DLP projector to use LEDs, courtesy of Sim2.


The new Sim2 M.150 is the first DLP home theater projector to substitute the traditional lamp with LEDs as a light source. Its Super PureLED technology, utilizing high-power RGB Phlatlight LED modules, delivers the following unique propositions:

  • A maintenance-free light source, which lasts up to 30,000 hours with less than 5 percent drop in luminance.
  • Auto-calibration to ensure accurate colors and brightness consistency.
  • Negligible rainbow artifact since no color wheel is required with red, green and blue (RGB) LEDs.
  • High 100,000:1 dynamic contrast and 1,000 lumens brightness.

The Sim2 active-shutter 3D goggles also tout an extremely short blanking time, which promises minimal crosstalk and smoother 3D visuals. Other highlights of the M.150 include a Texas Instruments Darkchip 4 DLP engine, interchangeable lenses, as well as a motorized lens-shift function.

However, priced at a whopping $32,000, this swanky beamer will appeal mainly to serious videophiles and well-heeled movie buffs. If the price doesn't scare you off, you can locate a local dealer from the company's Web site.

(Source: Crave Asia via What Hi-Fi)