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Shoot infrared bullets with BeeWi's new toys

Controlled by a smartphone app, the Tank Bee and the flying Sting Bee can fight each other or a target that shoots back.

The BeeWi tank. Dong Ngo/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- BeeWi's collection of smartphone-controlled toys comes with an arsenal. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology company showcased three toys at CES 2013 here, including the Tank Bee, a tank that shoots infrared bullets.

You can group two tanks together and let them fight it out or pit a tank against the electronic target that's included. The target also shoots back, creating a battle that plays out in front of you as well as on your smartphone app.

After the app connects to the toy, a dashboard lets you control the toy and shows you how much "life" it has during a fight. When it gets hit by the infrared beam, the screen flashes red. If the toy is hit too many times, it's game over and the toy turns off. The app is available for iOS and Android, with plans for the Windows Phone in the future.

In addition to the tank, BeeWi had a few other toys, including a helicopter, Sting Bee, with the same functions, and a little robot, Kick Bee, that can play kickball (the last one doesn't shoot bullets, but it is cute, especially when you put together a bunch of them for a soccer match). The Kick Bee is priced at $54.99, while Sting Bee is at $119.99. Both will go on sale in the U.S. in about a month. The tank isn't expected to go on sale until June, but will be priced about the same as the helicopter, according to BeeWi.