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Scorch-free coffee all day long

BrewStation Summit Ultra 12 Cup Coffeemaker uses an insulated tank instead of a carafe.

No burnt coffee here. Hamilton Beach

There's no feeling in the world quite like the comfort of having a brewed pot of coffee standing at the ready. When the cup you are drinking is downed, nothing but a short walk to the pot separates one from another cup of coffee. In the morning, this necessity is especially true; one cup of coffee is never quite enough. Unfortunately as we make our way through the day, the pot of coffee that was once so inviting usually turns into something else altogether. The resulting unappetizing syrup must then be discarded and a new pot of coffee started. For those who need coffee now, that can be an eternity.

The BrewStation Summit Ultra 12 Cup Coffeemaker prevents coffee from scorching by removing the carafe. Instead, coffee is brewed into an insulated receptacle that maintains flavor and taste. A dispensing spigot is triggered with just one hand, getting coffee to cup quickly and easily. With no glass carafe to break, the coffeemaker stands up to even the most rushed coffee drinkers among us.

The coffeemaker has the ability to brew coffee to your liking: choose from bold, regular, small batch, or iced coffee. A programmable timer kicks in the brewing process, so a batch of fresh and warm coffee can be waiting first thing in the morning. For those who appreciate a cup of coffee right from the get-go (and all through the day), the features on this brewing machine should satisfy those cravings.