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SCO tests new OpenServer Unix product

Embattled company plans to ship final version of new generation of Unix operating system in May.

The embattled SCO Group has released OpenServer 6 for beta testing, a new generation of a Unix operating system that previous owners have tried to phase out on at least two occasions. The company plans to ship the final version in May. The new version, code-named Legend, is based on the heart of SCO's other Unix product, UnixWare, which SCO and its predecessors had been trying to steer customers toward.

In its most recent quarter, SCO's Unix business declined to $8.3 million from $12 million in the year-earlier quarter. SCO board members last week settled a dispute with their former employer, the Canopy Group, but the company still has other issues to contend with: a key judge has voiced skepticism about its legal claims against Linux, and SCO is wrangling with the Nasdaq over accounting errors.